First weekend workshop Sydney 29 & 30 May 2010

Covered  Course Content with emphasis on

Basic NLP Concepts 


1:  VAK (Visual Audio Kinetic) response cues in clients

Visual – eyes go up when asked a question or thinking

Audio – eyes go to the side

Kinetic – eyes go down

2:  Anchors

3: Meta Model & Milton Model

4. Creating Anchors

5. Creating “As if” scenarios

Homework Session 1

  • Create 13 cards defining Meta and Milton Models terminology.  Meta 1 side, Milton other
  • Each day use one card and study people’s behaviours in relation to that card
  • Take note of  words they use and eye queues (VAK’s)
  • Study the representational system
  • Scan the workbook and manual daily
  • Carefully read and learn Pges 1 – 93
  • Complete all Action Plans in these chapters
  • Practice creating Anchors on people
  • Study P224 “AS IF” Frames

Complete Worksheet # 1 NLP

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