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Thoughts and Impressions

May 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Impressed with Rhonnda’s knowledge of the subject

Not impressed with scattered delivery but I will reserve judgement on this until after more workshops

Came away feeling positive and confident that this is a good career choice

Particularly interested in the idea of working with children who are not acheiving and people who need direction and goals

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Stop Snoring Script

May 31, 2010 Leave a comment

When asleep and snoring

  1. Match the person’s breathing
  2. Say softly in a sonambulistic voice “you can stop snoring now”
  3. “You can change your position & stop snoring now”
  4. “You can stop snoring forever”

Repeat a few times – do this over several nights as necessary

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General Concepts NLP

May 31, 2010 Leave a comment

From attending the first workshop I learned the fundamental premises of Pychotherapy/NLP Hypnosis.

Your client has the answers within them and needs you to help them find these, not to tell them what to do or how to feel, think or behave

NLP techniques help to build rapport between a client and therapist by “mirroring” body language, speech and VAK indicators

Each client needs to identify their motivators for their old and new behaviours


CURRENT PROBLEM/STATE                                                  GOAL/OUTCOME/SOLUTION

Smoking                                                                                                          Not Smoking Benefits

Cost                                                                                                                   More disposable income   (money to travel, renovate, purchase new car etc)

Fitness                                                                                                              Go to gym, walk upstairs or do exercise without gasping

Energy Levels                                                                                                Increased energy levels to do other pleasurable things (dancing, sport etc)

Socially unacceptable                                                                                 Not having to go outside constantly to have a cigarrette or creating friction at home/work

The therapist must always help the client to find the benefits for themselves of creating change. Each person has different needs and perceptions


Do not place your own values and interpretations on your client’s language – words can mean different things to different people i.e judge, judgemental etc


Stop Smoking

Lose Weight

Body Reshaping

Nail Biting

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